Press Note Eng. Dt: 28.07.2018 मोदी राज में रक्षक बने भक्षक

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Office of Shaktisinh Gohil

In-charge Bihar  & National Spokesperson, AICC

  Press Note                                                                                               Dt:  28th July, 2018   

Statement Issued by, Shri Shaktisinh Gohil, In-Charge, Bihar, Ms. Ranjeet Ranjan MP, Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi, Convenor, AICC Communications & Ms Sharmishtha Mukherjee, President DPMC

मोदी राज में रक्षक बने भक्षक !

नारी पर बढ़ता गया अत्याचार, गहन  निद्रा ताने सोती रही भाजपाई समर्थित नीतीश सरकार

While Shri Narendra Modi promised न खाऊंगा, ना खाने दूँगा, he lets crony capitalists loot all the hard earned money in Bank Scams and the Rafale Deal. While Shri Modi had exhorted सबका साथ, सबका विकास, his Government encourages the prosecution of the weakest. While Shri Modi had declared बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ओ– Women Security has become the biggest social causality under BJP Government. While the nation is still recovering from the heart wrenching shockers of Unnao, Kathua and Mandsaur- another unspeakable saga of protector becoming the predator has been unraveled in NDA ruled Bihar!

BJP-JDU ruled Bihar is in the grip of complete lawlessness as horrifying incidents have shaken the conscience of the people. A Government and a CM who was known for empowering women and girl child through ‘bicycles’, ‘prohibition’ and ‘reservation’ presides over a regime where girls in shelter homes are being sexually exploited by the state. All thanks to the Anti-Women mindset of BJP and its leadership.

In a shocking incident in ‘Girls’ Children Home, Muzaffarpur’ funded by the Govt; medical examination of 42 girls from a Government funded, NGO-run home shelter found that at least 29 of them were raped (13 more medical reports still pending to be made public) and at least 3 were made to undergo abortion, and another 3 are pregnant. All of them are children; most of them between 7 and 14 years old. The girls said – in statements recorded before the special POCSO court – that they were tortured, starved, injected with drugs, and raped almost every night.

Most of the perpetrators can easily be identified by the victims as evident from the details of investigation. Gory details of torture, subjugation, blackmail and exploitation have been narrated by girls as young as 10 and 11.

Most of the girls identified Brajesh Thakur, the key accused, as one of the rapists. One girl even spit on his photograph. “He used to beat us with a stick when anybody disobeyed him,” another 10-year-old said. A 14-year-old said: “The girls used to shiver with fear whenever he (Brajesh) entered the rooms. He was known as “Hunterwala Uncle.”(sic). Another seven-year-old said she was raped after her hands and feet were tied up. “When I tried to resist, I was beaten up and made to starve for three days. I surrendered before Brajesh Sir and apologized,” she told the court.

          Another seven-year-old speech-impaired girl was made to starve for two days. Finally she gave in. Another 10-year-old girl said she had scars on her private parts. “I was unable to move for days after I was tortured and raped repeatedly by office-bearers and some outsiders,” she said.

“At times, girls were taken outside at night and they returned the next day. I don’t know where they were taken.” An 11-year-old girl referred to a ” tondwala uncleji” (fat uncle), another identified her tormentor as “muchhwala uncleji” (moustachioed uncle).”Nobody was allowed to enter the rooms when tondwala uncleji or Netaji were around,” another girl said.


  1. Shocking details of sexual abuse, violence, mental and physical harassment of women & girls, Grave exploitation of people suffering from mental illness have been found in a Social Audit conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) across 110 such institutions in 38 districts in Bihar. Social Audit reveals that these people are simply ‘rotting in these spaces’ in some form or the other across these institutions. (See Annexure A-1)
  2. The TISS Report which mentions 15 institutions under ‘Grave Concerns’ which require immediate action is not been taken seriously by the Nitish Govt. Intriguingly, action has been taken only on one such home shelter in Muzaffarpur, while the outrageous crimes committed against women, children young boys and girls which are being sexually exploited and beaten in the rest of the 14 such homes have been conveniently ignored.
  3. Almost all institutions were found to be running in violation of the Juvenile Justice Act.  According to the report, there are 15 Institutions which required immediate action. (Details of exploitation of each is attached as Annexure A-2)
  4. Fearing political backlash, an apathetic Nitish Kumar Govt hurriedly shifted the victim girls from Muzaffarpur to Mokama, Patna and Madhubani, after which they filed an FIR.
  5. The arrested key accused in this case Brijesh Thakur is being publically supported by President of BJP’s Youth Wing, BJYM, Sudhanshu Pathak who has demanded his release threatening a ‘आंदोलन’. Instead of seeking justice, for the victims and demanding harsh punishment for the accused, the BJP, like in other similar cases is brazening it out, is busy protecting the predators.
  6. The family of the ‘बाल संरक्षक अधिकारी’ (Ravi Roushan) has now made sensational claims backed by documents and a CD as a proof that the husband of Social Development Minister Manju Verma (of JDU); Chandrashekhar Verma (referred to as Netaji in the girls’ statements) used to regularly visit this controversial home shelter in seclusion. This has raised several uncomfortable questions regarding the role of a Minister and her husband in the Nitish Kumar Government. (Annexure A3)

Alleging a shoddy investigation and a deliberate cover up, the family has also stated that if the photograph of the Minister’s husband- Chandrashekhar Verma is shown to the victim girls, they will definitely recognize the culprits of these heinous crimes. This has again put the needle of suspicion towards the role of the Minister’s husband.  


  1. Chief Minister, Shri Nitish Kumar is known as the ‘सुशासन बाबू”. Is this the Good Governance Model of the BJP-JDU?
  2. BJP leaders have become repeated offenders in exploiting women and then shamelessly brazenly defending their own. Recent gruesome crimes of Unnao and Kathua are testimony to that. While the PM himself often makes misogynist statements, he has never spoken a word against his own. We want to ask the PM and his partner in crime, Shri Nitish Kumar- when will they speak a word on this gruesome incident?
  3. After a lot of pressure from the opposition in Bihar, the Nitish Kumar Government has finally been forced to recommend a CBI probe into this. But why have they not even filed an FIR in the rest of the 14 home shelter and institutions mentioned under ‘Grave Concern, requiring Immediate Action’ of the TISS Report? Why no CBI investigation in all these cases?
  4. The Social Audit has pointed out some serious lacunas and shortcomings in these Govt funded institutions. Will the NDA Govt take action to improve the unlivable conditions and ensure fool proof security in these shelter homes?

The opportunistic alliance of BJP-JDU in Bihar has just completed 1 year in power.     It is a year marred of Misgovernance and Anarchy. We demand a Supreme Court monitored CBI enquiry in the case so that the culprits are truly brought to book.



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