શુભ દિપાવલી

દિપાવલી પર્વ નિમિત્તે આપને તથા આપના પરિવારને તમામ પ્રકારે સુખ શાંતિ અને સમૃદ્ધિ પ્રાપ્ત થાય તેવી શુભ કામનાઓ પાઠવું છું. સ્નેહાધિન, શક્તિસિંહ ગોહિલ વિરોધપક્ષનાં નેતા, ગુજરાત

CM’ Gujarat’s bogus propaganda on BRTS

OFFICE OF THE LEADER OF OPPOSITION Gujarat Vidhansabha, Gandhinagar. Press Note:                                                                  14.10.2009 The Centre has given Rs.114 crore for the BRTS project of Ahmedabad Last year under JnNURM scheme just four Gujarat cities got grant of Rs.49,769.32 lakh. BJP ruled NDA government did not give a single rupee for urban development under JnNURM or any […]

Supreme Court’s Notice to the Speaker

OFFICE OF THE LEADER OF OPPOSITION Gujarat Vidhansabha, Gandhinagar. Press Note                                                                              Dt. 9-10-2009             Supreme Court has issued notice to the Speaker of Gujarat Assembly. This follows a petition filed by the leader of Opposition Shaktisinh Gohil about the autocratic and unconstitutional rejection of the application for the Removal of the Speaker from […]

હવેથી આપ ગુજરાતીમાં પણ બ્લોગ વાંચી શકશો.

હવેથી આપ ગુજરાતીમાં  પણ બ્લોગ વાંચી શકશો.

Kazakh girls love- Indira Gandhi

Kazakh girls love to be named after Indira GandhiAlmaty (Kazakhstan), Oct 5: *The charismatic late Indira Gandhi’s short half-a-day stay left such an impact on Kazakhs that many of them decided to name their daughters after her, with the trend still continuing. Every tenth girl in this country is called INDIRA!!!* Charmed by the former […]

Agree its Mumbai.

Wake up Sid….now is the time Wonder what Ranbir Kapoor starer Wake up Sid has got do with Maharastra elections. Well it does. Some political parties_who are still to prove their abilities in the election arena want to just about grapple on anything that comes their way. So while they cry hoarse and shout from […]

Relevance of Mahatma

(As Published in DNA on Gandhijayanti,Oct; 02,2009) A lot of people ask me about people I adore, who my role models are, whom I would want to emulate…. One of them is Mahatma Gandhi. Its 140 years that he was born and I find it amazing that he is still so very contemporary. People are […]

Gujarat number one bubble bursts

Gujarat number one bubble bursts once again Recent report on the state of Indian states paints a poor picture of the development of Gujarat. It has once again shown that despite Chief Minister’s chant of Gujarat number one, my Gujarat is lagging behind many states. Gujarat is basically a state of enterprising people. It is […]

Austerity beyond the media hype

Austerity beyond the media hype Whenever I switch on any news channel, I find some kind of debate or discussion on austerity. The entire focus is on Ministers and elected representatives particularly Members of Parliament. I really wonder the use of word austerity by the media for travel in economy class. Austerity is not limited […]

Gujarat Assembly, Descent of Democracy

Gujarat Assembly, Descent of Democracy In the past few years Gujarat Assembly is gaining dubious distinction of a democratic institution that is being misused and abused by sheer power of numbers of members of the ruling party. The rules are misinterpreted to suit the whims of the Chief Minister and the Speaker of the Assembly […]

Narendra Modi: Vallata paani chhe (the waters are receding). Vandita Mishra

Vandita Mishra : Tags : Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi Posted: Sunday , Sep 06, 2009 at 0337 hrs Ahmedabad: Vallata paani chhe (the waters are receding). As Gujarat gears up for seven Assembly by-polls next Thursday, this is the phrase being spoken and heard in the political corridors of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. When the war […]

Advani & Moral honesty

Advani and moral honesty BJP is crumbling under attack of its own dissenting missiles. But the developments cannot be ignored as internal matter of the party. There are some developments particularly relating to L K Advani that require a serious debate on ground of morality in public life. Vote for cash might be Advani’s strategy […]

Jaswant Singh Controversy

  Jaswant’s Controversy and Intellectual Hypocrisy of BJP The controversy over the book of Jaswant Singh has exposed the hollowness of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The party has always tried to project itself as party of intellectuals. But the fall out of the controversy shows that it was never a party with any ideology. It […]

Modi’s vibrant gujarat is a myth.

Modi’s vibrant gujarat is a myth. It is a facade woven by a meglomaniac. Vibrant Gujarat’s mathematic, vibrant gujarat’s hype, vibrant gujarat’s so called summits are all an eye wash. The reality is starkingly different. The 5.5 crore population of Gujarat has a right to know the truth. Show casing Gujarat and inviting investments for […]

Jai Ho

The verdict is out. Positive politics have won over politics of negativism, politics of hatred and plainly speaking, petty politics. The country has decided and reposed faith in us. The Congress, is the right choice. I salute all Indians for the Sensible Choice they have made. A lot of people kept on asking me about […]