Indira Gandhi: a multi faceted personality


19th November  is the birthday of late Indiraji. There was a time when people use to describe her as the only powerful minister in the cabinet. Here I am trying to touch upon different aspects of multifaceted personality of this great leader. Not only as a politicians. But Indira as a child, obedient daughter, responsible mother, great visionary, sensitive mother, nationalist, a strong willed personality, Durga for enemies and a fountainhead of compassion for people, truly secular.

Childhood :

She was born in the wealthy Nehru family in November 19, 1917 in Allahbad. Family fondly called her Indu. Indu means the one who rules the cool brightness of the Moon. Within two years, the family gave away all its wealth for the freedom fight. As a child she saw her parents frequently going to jail. Her childhood was deprived of love and affection of parents. A child standing lonely on a sofa, Engaged in a dialogue with silence and a great leader was born.


Obedient Daughter :

Bright in studies, she had to leave her studies because of illness of her mother. She went to Switzerland. Care and concern of parents became her first priority. Mother -father were fighting for the freedom of the country. They had to go to jail many a times. But she never complained. Even as a child she led Vanar Sena for the freedom of the country. There were occasions she hid documents of freedom struggle and misled British police. A sari her father wove in jail became a precious marriage gift to Indiraji the bride of Gujarat.


Responsible mother :

She never missed the noble duty of mother even as her career saw many ups and downs. Whether it was a matter of study of children or an issue relating to their career, love and affection of mother flowed incessantly.


Great visionary :

She bolstered the tottering economy of the country with Indo Soviet treaty. She taught a lesson to the stalwart politician by expressing her little voice of conscience. She was laconic. But her actions worked wonders. That was Indira. Whether it was question of Russia, China or Pakistan, her foreign policy was farsighted.

Sensitive lady :

Dinner with the head of a state or folk dance in a backward interior tribal area. Wherever Indiraji  participated nothing could stop her sensitivity. It matched the tears in the eyes of Mother Teresa. She started a movement to abolish poverty. That was Indira Gandhi.


Nationalist :

When the activities of Pakistan heightened and posed a serious challenge to the unity and integrity of the country, she did not indulge in political speeches or politicization of the issue. Instead, she tore apart Pakistan in Pakistan and Bangladesh and inflicted an unforgettable blow to Pakistan. Dominating policy of USA, teasing of Pakistan or encroachment of China nothing worked before her. She was Indira Gandhi the nationalist.


Politician :

She brought in public life the idea of little voice of conscience (Atma ki avaj). Declared emergency when she found bureaucracy crumbling. Sought people’s verdict instead of turning a dictator. When lost, she accepted people’s verdict. Remained among people and in a couple of months won back both people’s heart and political power.


Fountainhead of compassion :

Even in the midst of several responsibilities and the arduous task of international leadership a lovable grandmother nursed Rahul and Priyanka with love and affection.


Truly Secular :

She moved ahead with Blue star operation in the national interest. After the operation, intelligence agencies recommended that Sikh personnel should be removed from her security job. When this file was brought before her she did not think about risk to her life and noted “I am secular and I cannot remove someone just because someone belongs to a particular religion”


On one hand we have leaders who claim themselves brave hearted. But they do not allow even pigeons to come close by because of their own fear. On the other hand we have brave woman leader Indira Gandhi.

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    • subhash
      subhash on 19 November, 2009

      sir, it is interesting to have full details about Mrs. Indira Gandhi.Many of us know about Mrs. Gandhi.i would like to request you to collect all details about soniaji.please try to write something on comperision of both the leaders.

    • jaywant nanavati
      jaywant nanavati on 19 November, 2009

      very good. knew about indira but your presentation style v goood
      jaywant nanavati

    • jaywant nanavati
      jaywant nanavati on 19 November, 2009

      what i meant in earlier mail is knew about indiraji but not this multi facets
      your presentation style is very good.e sp gujarati

    • suvobrata ganguly
      suvobrata ganguly on 19 November, 2009

      great site. keep up the good work

    • Gaurav Pandya
      Gaurav Pandya on 19 November, 2009

      Very good,Shaktibhai.
      You have put in a brave effort for a impossible task of describing the phenomenon called “Indira Gandhi’ in limited, sensible manner.
      I think her bravery and spirit of standing up even in times of adversity- particularly the revengeful activity of Morarji Govt of putting her into jail and appointment of Shah commission could have been touched upon.
      Indiraji-the iron lady of world!

    • Amarsinh Chavda
      Amarsinh Chavda on 19 November, 2009

      Only two wrong decision was Emergency and abolish privy purse of late Kings

    • karansingh tomar
      karansingh tomar on 19 November, 2009

      Really its nice, by this any one can get central idea about late shri indraji, thanks for this n hope to get something more from your support n we are lucky that we get a strong leader like you who have this much long vision to make congress party more powerfull in gujarat…

      karan tomar

      JAYANTILAL PARMAR on 20 November, 2009


    • Sabin Mathews
      Sabin Mathews on 20 November, 2009

      Respected Sir


      You have beautifully portrayed the article of Indira where she displayed exemplary courage to face the greatest upheavals of life.

    • yagnesh
      yagnesh on 20 November, 2009

      It is a great tribute to Lokhandi Lady : I would like to tribute the great leader in her name consisting of each alphabet:
      I=Indian- N=Nationalist-D=Darring-I=Inovative-R=Revolutionary=A=Amazing.These words produced INDIRA.I salute lovable leader of this country

    • Ajit Dabholkar
      Ajit Dabholkar on 20 November, 2009

      You have put upon great efferts to present Indiraji in a different style and in a sensible manner.

    • Merja Sunny Brijesh
      Merja Sunny Brijesh on 20 November, 2009

      Respected sir, i read your article. it is very good. thanx and regards, Merja Sunny Brijesh.

    • Merja Sunny Brijesh
      Merja Sunny Brijesh on 20 November, 2009

      Respected sir, i red your article. it is very good. thanx and regards, Merja Sunny Brijesh.

    • Brijesh Merja
      Brijesh Merja on 21 November, 2009

      Hon. Shaktisinhji,

      It is extremely informative & indian public inspire by knowing the Mrs. Indira Gandhi as multi faceted personality. My heartist congratulation on wonderful article. We will get more and more opportunity from you….

      AJAYKUMAR MEHTA on 21 November, 2009







    • raj jashwant mehta
      raj jashwant mehta on 21 November, 2009

      Dear Brother,
      You have really highlighted all the unique strong points of IndiraJi
      Her courage and capecity to take quick decision and impliment them is excellent.

      Her courage was ivident at the time of Bangladesh crisis.
      she gave the slogen GARIBI HATAVO and 20 point programme which shows her vision
      She took the bold decision of nationalisation of Banks which was overhelmed by the people of INDIA

    • Anonymous on 23 November, 2009

      indira gandhi is werry beautiful and
      sencitiv lady i werry truly truly miss you.
      indira gandhi
      Not only as a politicians. But Indira as a child, obedient daughter, responsible mother, great visionary
      -Alpa Unadkat

    • C.R. PATEL
      C.R. PATEL on 27 November, 2009

      Respected Shri Shaktisinhji,

      It is indeed pleasure for me to send you comment & suggestion over great leader of our nation Late Indiraji on her birthday.

      It is very difficult to send brief comment over this subject as the height of Indiraji was like Himalaya & upto sky.

      I have send my suggestions urgently after my journey from South Africa.

      I have seen your website including all subject. I will send you my long detailed comment after micro study.

      Congratulation for choosing life of Indiraji, a voice of our nation & mankind to put on your website.

      Thanking you for remembering me at this occasion.

      C.R. PATEL
      Mob.- 98984 42100
      Ex – Secretary
      Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee

    • dharamesh
      dharamesh on 27 November, 2009

      respected sir,
      i read this mail after indiraji’s birthday but this is very excellent…………. and very very your good try sir and also good photo gallery.

    • Mahendrasinh(Pethapur)
      Mahendrasinh(Pethapur) on 30 November, 2009

      Resp. Shri Shaktisinhji

      Indeed it is great effort to describe personality like Mrs.Indiraji.

      Salute to Mrs.Indiraji

    • bimla negi
      bimla negi on 10 February, 2010

      Mr. Gohil

      its a memory lane beyond so many years ,your notes over Mrs. Gandhi was nice…

      like a cherry on icecream…

    • lubna talath
      lubna talath on 17 June, 2010

      our past india have been such a wonderful freedom and a heaven of grace because of their co-operation

    • Jaiveer singh Malik
      Jaiveer singh Malik on 14 August, 2010

      respect sir,
      Can I see any one more indra still as on end of own life in, we need a more indra own country earlier.

    • Tessa
      Tessa on 15 January, 2012

      That inshigt’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

    • Narendra Modi
      Narendra Modi on 19 November, 2013

      Salute to the great visionary iron lady of India.

    • Ranubha Sodha
      Ranubha Sodha on 19 May, 2014

      Sir, congratulations for win abdasa vidhansabha.

      Sir aap naliya ma aapnu karyalay open karva jai rahya chho tyare tamare karyalay ma amara Jeva karyakarta ne tamare tya karya karva no labh made evi aasa rakhis. Sir hu atyare Hyderabad chhu Mara Nana bhai bharatsinh sodha naliya ja chhe ane Tamara kary ne aagad vadharva ame banne bhaiyo tatpar chhiye. Bus tame tak aapo.
      Jay mataji.

      Ranubha sodha
      Bharatsinh sodha

      Ranubha sodha
      Vill paiya post Kothara ta abdasa
      Dist. Kutch

    • Arpit
      Arpit on 3 August, 2014

      Thanks, for posting such a touching article. And feel of Overall Indira Gandhi, rather than information. It is very good to read such a good article.
      Actually my friend’s daughter need to submit Article on indira
      gandhi, but she want to submit the article in School(10th Standard). IAfter searching too much I found this article in “Gujarati”. Thanks for posting.

    • Arpit
      Arpit on 3 August, 2014

      Thanks for posting such a loving article, my friend’s daughter want to submit this article in Gujarati. She is in School 10th Standard. After searching too much, but could not find the article in Gujarati. Thanks for posting sucha touching character.

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