Election – 2012

Dear Supporters and friends,


          I have been getting a lot of messages after the Elections.
          I strongly believe that Assembly elections are for local issues that need to be taken up constituency wise and subsequently at a state level.

          I have been lucky in the past to have had the opportunity to closely observe and be a part of the government as a Minister in mid 90s handling a bevy of portfolios and thereafter as MLA during various phases, representing Bhavnagar.
          The results this time have not been in my favour. I have always put people, work, social service and public values before politics. I not only accept my defeat graciously but take this opportunity to ensure everyone that Bhavnagar has been and always will be my karmabhoomi.

         The election is over but my principles endure. Yes it did hurt a bit. I have been always there  serving my constituency and empowering people. People before Politics has always been my motto and shall remain. My respected Opponent however has scored better than me despite a track record of over half a dozen serious criminal charges including TADA.

 My affidavit: 


appears completely drab and non news worthy compared to my political opponent Shri Solanki’s! 


But then in true democratic spirit, I have congratulated Shri Parshottambhai Solanki and Bhavnagar Rural is all his! I wish him all the best and hope he leadsBhavnagar and Bhavnagar Rural in the best interest of the district.
          I want to thank all my well wishers across the Globe, besides people of Bhavnagar for reposing faith in me. I also want to thank all those citizens and youngsters and professionals for providing interesting, suggestions, observations, insights and guidance online whilst my campaign was on.

         The Media too. Thank you everyone in Media for your constant support, constructive criticism and true insights. I appreciate and wholly acknowledge your positive contribution and thank you heartily for the same.I have always fought and endeavoured for the betterment of Bhavnagar. It had not taken me a flicker of a moment in ‘94 when I had resigned as Minister Health and Medical Education from my own government over the Bhavnagar Medical College issue! Whether it has been the destruction or commericialization of the Victoria Gardens or the giving away of precious land at give away prices to vested interests, I have always raised my voice and have been vociferous in protests about guarding the ethos, essence and true Spirit and interests of our beloved Bhavnagar. In fact, I am proud to say that I was the person who took up the issue and as a Petitioner with six other leading citizens went upto the Supreme Court of India and got a patch of Victoria Gardens back for the city. Bhavnagar is passing through a stage where partisan bickering and political posturing can damage it. People have to come before any Political Party in Bhavnagar for its growth and progress. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do work that is just in favour of Bhavnagar and welfare of the people of Bhavnagar.Whether it is regularly encouraging board exam or IAS or UPSC achievers of Bhavnagar or fighting for the rights of Bhavnagar industrialists; I have tried my best to be there when ever I am needed. People before Politics has been my theme and shall remain.


          I am not a rich man bestowed with legacies that can keep me going like in the case of some others. Now, I shall be resuming my law practice at the Gujarat High Court soon. Any case, as always related toBhavnagar or for a social cause is always taken up and contested free by me. So far, I have dealt with over 980 such cases ranging from land grabbing to dowry deaths of the poor and impoverished, the silent majority. Also of students and youth….of aberrations in examination systems or any injustice. You may please forward my office any issue pertaining toBhavnagar that you may think I should take up. It will not just be my pleasure but a privilege and my humble duty to be in service of every citizen, especially from Gujarat and Bhavnagar.


          I have given my best to this election campaign. I am sorry I could not fulfill wishes of many, to continue to lead the Congress andBhavnagar. Our district and Rural have chosen other leaders. I earnestly wish them all the best and pray that they leadBhavnagar to a better and more positive direction of growth and social development index. One last note: some of you suggested my switching over to the BJP. Thank you for your suggestion. But for me politics is about ideology not power. Politics to me is a tool for empowerment, it is not a means to make money or grab power. I would be the last person to compromise with my ideology of equality, secularism and true democratic idealism.


Thank You.  Jai Hind.

And may the New Year bring you peace, prosperity and happiness.

I remain
Yours truly


(Shaktisinh Gohil)


    • sai dhekane
      sai dhekane on 4 January, 2013


      We have closely looked your working in vidhan sabha and would always will missing your remarks there.
      As a congressmen i beleive in what you have written and as me myself and every congressmen of gujarat will always remain with you sir for the benefit of people of gujarat


      Sai Dhekane

    • Amit K Ambaliya
      Amit K Ambaliya on 5 January, 2013

      Un-feavor result regarding Mr. Shaktisinh is the tregedy of people of gujarat.

      In my openion, Mr. Shaktisinh must have active in state and national level politics and i aslo belive that he must fight LOKSABHA election or RAJYASABHA election and if UPA win 2014 election than would have get cabinet minister rank

      MANU B MODI on 5 January, 2013

      i really shocking where result announce bhavnagar rural.because you are most active leader in opposition at vidhanshabha. sir i really proud for you.best luck for future.

    • Satyapal Rana
      Satyapal Rana on 8 January, 2013

      I should say, the assembly of Gujarat shall miss a learned, decent and experienced politician.

      A small advice to my big idol from this little one of yours as below…

      Please do remember that in the environment of wave for BJP, some more than 55,000 people have voted for you , these are your real loyalists. Pl. do rememeber to walk upto thier places, have small meetings and thank them for the same and assure them that we shall do better next time.

      While you prectise law, please do be in highest contact of your Karmabhoomi. The oponents should bnever feel that it is going to be cake walk next time

      Finally, this is period where you shall get the time to re group and rethink. This time the people who shall stand besides you shall be your real friends. Yes some might drift but that may thier need and not will .

      Wish you all the best and this little one shall always be with you and all times.

    • Dipak
      Dipak on 9 April, 2013

      Bapu, you failed to publish my earlier comment. I assume you were busy. I had sincerely wished you a success but I was disappointed at your loss. I wishbyou run in Loksabha from Bhavnagar, my birth place. You have a lot offer to Bhavnagar, Gujarat and India. My only request would be stay away from the Italian waitress and her unintelligent boy. Best wishes.

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